Wash Your Makeup Brushes Too

As a part of your beauty routine you naturally wash your face to remove makeup and dirt that has accumulated on your face through out the day. But one thing many women don’t realize is that they have to wash their makeup brushes regularly too. Imagine all that dirt and bacteria that ends up in our brushes and then we put them back on our face, doesn’t make sense. But if you are like me who thinks that cleaning makeup brushes is a chore and is a boring task then check out our The Freya makeup brush cleaner and Dryer. It cleans and dries your brushes in 20-30 seconds. It has saved me so much time and I know it will for you too. More info about the product here.

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The Freya Makeup Brush Cleaner now available for sale

Hey Beautiful friends!

The Freya Makeup Brush Cleaner is now available for sale. Available for U.S. residents only. Grab yours now while the price is still low.  Don’t you just hate cleaning your makeup brushes and waiting forever for them to dry? Look no further; Introducing The Freya Professional Makeup Brush Cleaner. 
Makeup artists and professionals recommend to deeply cleanse your brushes once a week and you can do it fast & efficiently with The Freya Professional Makeup Brush Cleaner.

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About the product:
✪ QUALITY THAT LASTS, while other makeup brush cleaners stop working after one use or send brushes flying across the room, The Freya makeup brush cleaner will serve you for a long time; Buy one-time & you’ll have an efficient brush cleaner that will keep your brushes neat and clean for years to come.
✪ ULTRA-FAST deep cleaning & drying are guaranteed; Very easy to use, just 20 seconds required; Dip the dirty brush and turn the spinner on to remove the makeup and dirt; Lift the device out of the liquid and turn the spinner on to dry off.
✪ PREMIUM MATERIALS; You’ll get the professional makeup brush cleaner device by The Freya, a non- toxic plastic bowl that won’t break on you, 8 brush holders that fits most brushes and which won’t fall off during rotation, a removable splash guard and a fashionable base; It’s a small and light kit you can use for home and travel.
✪ YOUR SKIN DESERVES THE BEST, so keep its health in a perfect state by removing all the dirt, cosmetic residue, and bacteria that can get caught in the brushes; Deeply cleanse your brushes at least once a week for healthy and glowing skin.


Stay beautiful.

~~The Freya~~